Pushkar Fair
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Camel at Pushkar
Coming Pushkar Fair : (09 - 17 November, 2013)
Visit Pushkar and be a part of India’s biggest cultural event! Send us a request now.
Pushkar Fair - Pushkar Map

Pushkar Map

Pushkar, one of the most sacred Hindu pilgrim centre becomes the hub of many pilgrims and travelers during the annual Pushkar fair. It is the time when this usually peaceful town is thronged with noise of millions of traders, visitors, and pilgrims coming from all aorund the world. And at this time Pushkar map becomes your best travel guide. With the 2011 fair approaching soon, grab you map of Pushkar and come here to see the true colors of this land. As the Pushkar tourist map would tell you the geographical landscape of this town, which will help you in your tour.


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