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Camel at Pushkar
Coming Pushkar Fair : (09 - 17 November, 2013)
Visit Pushkar and be a part of India’s biggest cultural event! Send us a request now.
Pushkar Fair - Pushkar Fair Programme

About Us

We, at Pushkar Fair offer travellers from around an opportunity to be a part of the cultural, visual, entertainment extravaganza called the Pushkar Fair. The fair which is organised every year in the small town of Pushkar in Rajasthan India has a number of highlights. Take a quick glimpse at few of them
  • It is the largest camel fair of the world
  • Around 50000 camels are a part of this fair every year.
  • Camel trading, folk performances, ethnic shopping, puppet shows, acrobatics, best breed camel contest, moustache competition and bridal competition are all part of this fair.
  • Pushkar is home to the only Brahma temple of the world.
  • Pushkar is also home to around 400 temples and over 50 ghats.
These are just few but significant details about Pushkar fair and the town which we wish the world to know. We also wish them to visit Pushkar and be a part of this magnificent event that so very well depicts the culture and heritage of Rajasthan.

We, as a team of professional and dedicated people make your tour to Pushkar and Pushkar fair an affair to remember. Through this portal, we not only provide you every detail about Pushkar fair, but also assist you in organizing your entire trip, right from working out and finalizing your itinerary to making all the on ground arrangements like booking of flights, cars and trains as well as hotels. We also offer you ready made tour packages to choose from. Pick up any one of them and leave the rest to us. We will look after every little aspect and make your trip a memorable one. Our team of staff is knowledgeable and well qualified to deal with all your problems and issues. It is also very inclined towards extending a helping hand in every little way possible.

We invite you to visit the royal land of Rajasthan and be a part of the the grand Pushkar Fair. We assure you of a hasselfree journey and an unforgettable experience.


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