Pushkar Fair
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Camel at Pushkar
Coming Pushkar Fair : (09 - 17 November, 2013)
Visit Pushkar and be a part of India’s biggest cultural event! Send us a request now.
Pushkar Fair - Pushkar Fair Programme

Guest Comments

Visit The Famous Land Of Forts & Palaces Pushkar is a land of immense charm and the fair organised here is famous worldwide for its cultural and commercial significance. Here we bring to you feedbacks from real traveller who have visited the fair with us and have been gracious enough to give us their views.

Pushkar Fair Is A Treat For Visitors - Phillips from UK
I have visited Pushkar fair and know for sure that it cannot disappoint you. There is so much going on in this little town - animals are bought and sold, there are exciting and interesting competions as well as cultural events and not to forget a huge number of devotees who come from far to take a dip in the holy Pushkar lake on the full moon of Karthik (November). The fair is worth visiting if you are contemplating a trip to Indian and specifically Rajasthan. My take on the fair - it's thoroughly enjoyable and a learning experience.

Pushkar Is Wonderful - Martha, US
This was our first visit to India ans seriously we had a tough time adjusting to the surroundings and spicy food. We visited Pushkar on a recommendation of a local who told us that it's just the right time for the annual Pushkar fair and we should not miss it. Since we were in Jaipur, we decided to heed the advice and took a bus to the town. The journey was exhausting and not so comfortable but the town of Pushkar itself was very relaxing. The small town of Pushkar was filled with colourfully dressed locals. Their gold jewelleries seemed impressive. The festive atmosphere was in the air as the music was played on the streets throughout the day. Nights were meant to float candles in the holy lake. We saw a lot of camels and also took a number of pictures. All in all, our visit to Pushkar was an enriching experience and the fair was just mind blowing.

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